Stejarisu / Probstdorf ride

Apoș - Stejăriș
This time we will enjoy wide meadows and smooth downhills where sheep and cattle graze peacefully during summer days and only the dogs’ barking breaks the silence.

This trail takes us to Stejariș (Probstdorf), where a small Saxon community is still to be found and is happy to share their stories with us.

We will go up in the Speck Tower and taste speck, green onions, oven baked bread and the local brandy.

Herr Misch will explain all about this old custom of keeping speck supplies up in the tower and why Saxons were not allowed to touch their own supply until the first thunder in the new year was to be heard.

For those of you who are lactovegetarian, there is a variety of cheeses available.

After that we will have a delicious three course lunch right at a formal Parish saxon home where the lady of the house will cook old recipes dishes, and the man of the house will get out from the cellar  his best whine.