Hârtibaci trail

Apoș - Alțâna

The way to Alțâna, an old traditional Saxon village aprox. 25 km East from Apoș, that hosts the oldest house in Transylvania (Gerendi House, 1508), crosses a forest and then opens up to beautiful hills and meadows. We will take you off the beaten tracks, on trails once used by Saxons driving their carriages between the different villages.

In Alțâna we will have a 3-course meal at Stef’s Hay Barn, together with wine and “palinca” tasting (local spirit), followed by a visit to the Interethnic Museum of Hârtibaciu Valley. Upon request, a visit to the fortified church is included.

On our way back to Apos we will follow the narrow-gauge rail towards Agnita, along the Hartibaciu river, up and down an extraordinary, hilly path, hidden from the public eye, once used by the local steam train. After leaving the river, we will cross the pastures where the villagers’ cows, water buffalos and horses are taken out daily. Sheepfolds are often en route. Soon after, we reach for the forest paths again, where wildlife can be easily spotted.

Upon arrival in Apos the horses are untacked and you can enjoy a well-deserved fresh lemonade or home-made syrup.