Wine trail

Apoș - Richiș

After breakfast, the riders follow the old paths to Richiș (Reicherdorf). This was, as the German name suggests, the wealthiest village in the area. It used to have the best wines and the most skillful wine makers. In Richiș we’ll have a traditional, delicious lunch, on the porch of the Evangelical parochial house.

The imposing Gothic-style fortified church was built by the Cistercian monks (as well as the one in Apos), and its curator, Her Schass, will give us a tour and share with us all the local legends. We will feel as spectators to a good play.

Her Schass knows, for example, all the faces of the monks in the church and why there are so many small holes, as big as the tip of your finger, in the walls.

The trail goes through a forest for 75% of the way and continues on deep valley crests and off the beaten tracks. This tour is perfect for hot summer days as well as rainy days.

In the evening, once we reach Apoș, we get ready for dinner. We’ll bring our appetite up with a shot of plum “palinca” (local spirit) and continue with local wine.